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Creating innovative and sustainable solutions
We exist to eliminate poverty by providing micro loans and networks of support to those who dream of creating a better life for themselves, strengthening their families, and rebuilding their communities. They dream of a life lived in dignity and in which hunger and poverty no longer exist.

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Question: Feed the Hunger Foundation provides microloans to small businesses and has done 38 loans in Hawaii and over 3,000 worldwide. You...

Rosa and Silvia are two women from Oaxaca, Mexico who have been living in Madera, California for the last twenty years. They were fieldworkers nine to ten months...

Patti Chang and Denise Albano were featured speakers at the Organization for Women Leaders luncheon on March 10, 2014 - read their speeches here!

Over $300,000 of loans dispersed to sustainable food businesses in Hawai‘i to date.
Watch Denise talk about our 3 most recent loans to Hawaiian Hydroponic Vegetables, Hawaii Rainbow Cookies, and Local Stop.