Our Approach

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FUND - Creating Opportunity

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Feed The Hunger Fund works side-by-side with our borrowers – primarily women, immigrants, and people of color – to build a more equitable food system. As a certified Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI), we provide critical loans in Hawaii and California to help farmers and food entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses.

INVEST - Investing in food equity

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By investing in the establishment and expansion of healthy, locally-sourced food-based businesses, low-income communities gain greater food equity and security, as well as increased economic and environmental vitality. As a result, hope flourishes and more dreams become reality.

SUPPORT - Coaching and assistance at every step

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Support doesn’t stop once a business is launched. Our program specialists work one-on-one to nurture each business owner at every step along their journey. We build on the gifts each entrepreneur brings to the table by helping them learn what they need to know to be successful for the long-term.

GROW - Strengthening connections between communities

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In California, we are building links between food producers in rural areas and consumers in urban areas. In Hawaii, we are bolstering low-income communities’ access to locally produced, healthy food. What’s more, we amplify our impact by connecting borrowers to new customers, industry partners, and markets.

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SUSTAIN - Focusing on long-term sustainability

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Each of the businesses we assist builds momentum toward a more just society and a more equitable and diverse food system. These businesses enliven and strengthen communities through a self-renewing cycle of opportunity, connectedness, and kinship.