Business Support Services

Feed The Hunger Fund provides more than financial funding. We strive to deliver wholistic business support to our borrowers. 


One-on-one Technical Assistance

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FTHF is committed to providing one-on-one technical assistance to our borrowers. One of our loan officers will be personally paired with you to provide ongoing support that can include business training, consulting, and other services that help borrowers improve their business operations and financial management.


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FTHF connects businesses up and down the value chain with our network of borrowers and partners.

Online Business Resources

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Advance your knowledge in the areas of Money, Marketing, and Management through our online business resource platform with over 100 interactive tools, templates, videos and guides that offers small business owners access to customized how-to videos, quick references, and favorite resources to supplement their small business success.

Financial Education

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FTHF provides borrowers with personalized  financial education that can include a wide range of topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, credit management, debt management, and more. 

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