Every day, FTHF works to build communities, connect entrepreneurs to support resources, and provide technical assistance to help food businesses thrive.

We bring tools and expertise to our clients in their home communities to support innovation and long-term sustainability. Our clients have deep pride in their work and are leaving a legacy in their communities.

FTHF is proud to partner with over 100 community organizations in California & Hawaii.

One of our most recent partners, Raw Fresno is a great example. Offering raw, gluten free, organic food purchased directly from local farmers, FTHF was able to work in conjunction with three other community organizations to help the owner open a second location in downtown Fresno as apart of revitalization efforts. Not only is the community gaining a delicious new restaurant, but the local economy is being supported and nutrition classes are being offered.

Most FTHF loans are between $10,000-$75,000.

To date, we have made a total of over 5,000 loans domestically and internationally. Our borrowers have clear vision, passion, and commitment to their community, but are unable to access funding through the traditional banking system.

Our Program Officers maintain a one-on-one relationship with all of our borrowers.

They go to where our clients are on their farms or at their businesses to provide customized technical assistance. Often, we will bring at least one of our community partners into the relationship to help as subject matter experts.