FTHF is a mission driven organization that is dedicated to adding value to local food systems. We aim to facilitate the transition from "un-bankable" to "bankable."


In the pre-loan state, our technical assistance involves our loan officer and consultants providing one-on-one guidance related to business planning, market analysis, and financial forecasting. We find that our borrowers often need significant coaching in order to put together a strong loan package and improve their financial management skills.

After a loan is made, FTHF provides continued support as challenges arise.

One recent example involves a farmer that was forced to grow sales through new channels when a big customer began sourcing from another supplier. FTHF is providing the marketing and branding support that will be necessary to increase brand recognition and drive more direct to consumer sales.

A third critical component is relationships FTHF has with key players in the food space and their role in building cohesive food hub networks. Because we work with food entrepreneurs at all points along the food production spectrum, FTHF enables borrowers to access new customers, industry partners, and markets.