Success Stories

Raw Fresno

"Feed The Hunger Foundation believed in me when I was getting started. I knew that Raw Fresno was going to be successful and that I was going to provide this great healthy food for my hometown. Their loan made it possible for me to have this restaurant right here. I was able to get refrigerators and dehydrators, and all of these things we needed to have a raw food business. Their support allowed me to grow and do my passion, which is feeding the people healthy food.

I have several dreams for Raw Fresno. First, I’d like to get my raw food products into Whole Foods. All I need are the funds to have my food tested to determine the expiration date. Whole Foods is ready to put my food on the shelves as soon as I have that. I’d also like to expand to the North End of Fresno, and Clovis, and to have a franchise in Marin County. And then, of course, I’d love to have a second Food Truck, Minerva the Second."

- Naomi Hendrix, Raw Fresno

Colectivo Sabor A Mi Tierra


"Thanks to a loan from Feed The Hunger Foundation, Colectivo Sabor A Mi Tierra opened its doors in May of 2014. We are from Oaxaca in the Mixtec region of Mexico. We make the indigenous Mixtecan food of Oaxaca. Cooking is a way of giving love to our community and to our families. We hope our food will not only be delicious but give people sweet memories of their homes in Mexico.

Our dream now is to have a restaurant of our own. It’s been good sharing this space with other businesses, but we really long for a place of our own. It would be a restaurant, and also a community center, where people would come to have fun together, to learn things, to organize meetings and have community events. 

Before we started the restaurant, we both worked in the fields. Wherever there was an opportunity, we picked strawberries, grapes and figs – we did any kind of agricultural work we could find. It was very very hard work and we could not spend enough time with our children. Having the restaurant allows us to be with our families, and that changes everything."

- Rosa Hernandez and Silvia Rojas, Colectivo Sabor A Mi Tierra