Our Story

Over the past eight years, FTHF has made over 5,000 loans to small food entrepreneurs in California, Hawaii, and several countries in Asia and Latin America. Our loans enable borrowers to create or expand businesses that grow their community's local food system.


Since 2008, Feed The Hunger Foundation has been empowering historically marginalized communities by providing the tools and access to capital that allow them to participate fully in their community's food economy. Our organization was founded on the belief that poverty is not inevitable and that everyone should have the opportunity to live with respect, dignity, and hope. Our particular concern is to ensure that the most marginalized individuals in society are not forgotten. To accomplish this, FTHF joined the movement to provide small business loans to low-income individuals and small businesses. Because of their economic or social status, these people have traditionally lacked access to affordable financial services. Loans give them the opportunity to start or expand small businesses with the goal of lifting themselves out of poverty.

Research and historical data have shown that despite being considered high risk because of their lack of collateral, microfinance clients have very high repayment rates, averaging between 95 ad 98 percent. And while microfinance institutions have only just begun to methodically collect baseline numbers on social performance, there is ample anecdotal evidence of the power of microfinance to change lives.

FTHF pursues a vision of a world without poverty, where all people have sufficient food and economic opportunities to be able to lead lives of respect and dignity. By empowering those who dream of creating a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities, we can make this vision a reality.