Central Valley Goes To Market Workshop


If you’re interested in starting a food business or working with food businesses, Central Valley Goes to Market is for you! Join Feed The Hunger Foundations' California Program and Loan Officer, Maria Waters, Saturday, April 22nd for this fantastic, informative, and free event!

California is a foodie state if there ever was one. There’s no better place to grow food, explore food innovations or market food. We have teamed up with the Specialty Foods Association to offer up a full day of learning about the food industry: business and marketing opportunities, how to stay viable and competitive, and financing. 

We are excited to bring this top-notch training to the Central Valley. Our natural, existing resources are also fertile ground for business opportunities. Through this training, you can support a locally-based economy that recognizes job creation through food entrepreneurship. The goal is to create a thriving climate and culture for home-based microbusinesses engaged in value-added food ventures. This event is part of Univision’s Plan Prosperidad. 

There will be a specialty food exhibit during the reception from 4-5pm. If you would like to display your product or would like more information, please call (559) 278-3712. 

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/central-valley-goes-to-market-tickets-33236471180

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