Lanai Eggs

SRA Global Solutions LLC, also known as Lanai Eggs, is a small, family-run business dedicated to providing large, fresh chicken eggs daily and occasionally selling live meat birds. They take pride in helping other farmers and backyard enthusiasts get started with their own ventures. Their ultimate goal is to supply enough eggs for the entire island of Lana’i and eventually begin exporting to other islands.

Sid Alejado began with just 21 chickens, releasing them into his yard. “Free Range” chickens, as they say, are happier because they aren’t confined to cages. They roam freely, socialize, form cliques, eat grass seeds and bugs, and generally enjoy a better quality of life. The happiness of Sid’s chickens is evident, as four years later, his flock has grown to 580 birds. In the early days, collecting eggs was like an Easter egg hunt. Sid’s two children would gather the eggs, and the family would carefully wash them and store them in the refrigerator. Neighbors would drop by to pick up eggs, leaving money in a jar as part of an honor system retailing approach.

The chickens also contribute to the environment by eating the seeds of the problematic fire weed, acting as natural weed control. Additionally, they provide chemical-free pest control, as their primary food source is bugs, resulting in well-fed chickens and lower feed costs for Sid. Their manure serves as a hormone-free, chemical-free natural fertilizer, which Sid supplies to local farmers on Lāna`i.

Moreover, Sid has initiated a program to teach children about farming. Currently, they are learning how to care for chickens that are molting. Sid is the sole egg farmer on Lāna`i, supplying eggs to both the community and local businesses.