Celebrating Latinx Businesses – Conchitas Truck

September was National Latinx Heritage Month and while FTHF partners with many Latinx owned businesses, we would like to share about one of our most recent Hispanic, women-owned businesses!

Owners of Conchitas Truck, Annie Di Grazia and Martha Jauregui, met each other in Kindergarten, and grew up together on the Westside of Turlock, CA. Raised in a neighborhood stricken with gang violence, Annie and Martha did not let their surroundings determine their futures. In fact, they chose a different path, graduating from college, having successful careers and most recently, becoming co-business owners and founders of Conchitas Truck.

Owners Annie & Martha (right) with fellow FTHF Super Sope business owners (left).

Conchitas Truck was born from fond childhood memories of fresh conchas, and fused with a modern day flare. They recall the nostalgic feeling of smelling fresh baked pan dulce and vividly remember hearing the bread-lady honk her horn, and seeing all the kids running at full speed towards the truck as she yells “Conchas” at the top of her lungs for the whole neighborhood to hear. For Annie and Martha Jauregui, pink conchas were the pan of choice. Taking these childhood memories of pink conchas, and integrating a modern day flare of adding fresh ice cream, they have created this popular new treat, the “La Conchita”. They continue to honor the cultures of Mexico while using local commodities to produce these amazing treats!

Conchitas serves concha (Mexican sweet bread) and churro ice cream sandwiches.

We are honored to partner with Annie & Martha in feeding their “hunger” to create a different path for their lives, and to inspire others to do so as well through their small business. “Our community inspired us to dream and accomplish. It’s our turn to give back, we want to inspire, support motivate and prepare for a better tomorrow.” – Annie & Martha

Conchitas Ice Cream sandwich – a new treat fusing traditional Mexican conchas with a modern day flare adding ice cream.