Feed The Hunger Fund & GoFarm Hawaii presents “Funding Options for Small Farmers”

Feed The Hunger Fund & GoFarm Hawaii presents “Funding Options for Small Farmers”


In the face of a global pandemic, farmers are still growing, still evolving and still learning as they navigate the “new normal”.  In the same way, support from Feed The Hunger Fund continues, perhaps more than ever to help our borrowers and other food entrepreneurs at every step along their journey, in these uncertain times.  FTHF’s Senior Hawaii Loan Officer, Aaron Ellis partnered with GoFarm Hawaii, to present an online “Funding Options for Small Farmers” class to a group of new, up and coming farmers that will be leasing land from Mahi Pono on Maui.  On July 1, 2020, the class featured a panel of local finance experts and providers in the food and agriculture sector to educate new farmers on the many different financing options available to them at each stage of their growing business.  Topics and panelists included:


Financing Options: What is a Capital Stack?  – Keoni Lee, Hawaii Investment Ready

Federal Programs – Buddy Nichols, FSA Farm Loans

Commercial Loans – Linus Tavares, American Ag Credit

Crowdfunded, Grants and Small Loans – Eric Bowman, Kohala Center

Business Loans – Aaron Ellis, Feed The Hunger Fund


16 attendees engaged in conversations surrounding farming, financing and community, with the bottom line being that we are ALL here to help you SUCCEED.  As a community, we all want to see farmers and entrepreneurs enjoy success and contribute to our local food systems.  Along with our community partners, FTHF is here to equip our farmers with what they need to know to be successful for the long-term. 

Thank you to our community partners who participated in the panel.  To view a recording of the “Funding Options for Small Farmers” class, please visit GoFarm Hawaii’s website